I have a passion for all creative activity. My work will often cross- reference itself or become a launch pad for the next piece. A painting can lead to an installation, or a video, or maybe all these things.

It keeps getting more interesting - developing my studio practice, completing an MA in Political Science at UVIC, as well as continuing to explore and develop multimedia content. Most recently, collaborating with other artists again. This began thanks to Miyoko Caubet a video installation artist from Paris, France who called me on bucket list item #5 below.   I then got an email from my old university friend Michele Hayeur-Smith who invited me to work with her on a unique collaboration through the Northern Women's Art Collaborative.  So, the universe is delivering, in spades.  You can find out more about what's been happening  on the WordPress site......

These are just a few interests and projects in my bucket list:

  1. 1 year in Venice during a biennial;
  2. 90 Days in the Desert - a project to collaborate with other artists in Dinosaur Park, AB.  I have recently expanded this vision to all 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada. You can see more about this on my WordPress site;
  3. Write and publish articles and blogs about art, cultural policy, travel;
  4. Create and exhibit art with my artist friends in the studio f/t - with an emphasis on Art Jams; and
  5. Host residencies, retreats, and studio exchanges with artists from across the country and the world at my studio.

That ought to do it!


Heidi Bergstrom, MA, BFA

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